Did you know? There is no mandatory policy in place that ensures managers & employees receive work-based training regarding Workplace Bullying, how to spot it, to understand the impact & how to resolve any cases that have happened. 

Why? This has to CHANGE. We all need to be educated on the impact Workplace Bullying can have, both to the victim, the surrounding workforce and subsequently the company itself. The impact runs deeper than just emotionally too. The knock-on effect will impact physically, mentally & financially.

We are pleading that all businesses purchase our Workplace Bullying e-course, to help better their workforce and the company itself. We need everybody to be clued up, and we need the help of managers & organisations to help us to make change. All money raised from the course sales will help us to continue to operate & help support victims who, unfortunately, were not fortunate enough to have a workforce clued up from our training.

Our course is 2 hours in duration and is fully-accredited. For more details, please click the link below:


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