As well as offering in-depth support to victims of Workplace Bullying, our mission is to reduce victim cases by preventing the root cause. It is currently not mandatory in the UK for staff to undergo Workplace Bullying courses & awareness training - but that’s what we aim to change. Workplace Bullying needs to stop, but help is needed to make change. When we all come together, small changes made by each individual will result in big changes for all.

SAWB works with an array of businesses, helping to train, educate & inform staff on how their actions can have consequences & how they should conduct themselves in certain situations within the work space. Managers particularly, will benefit from such training, but it is extremely useful to the entire workforce and highly recommended.

The opportunity to prevent Workplace Bullying is priceless. The training takes part at our HQ in Penllergaer Business Park for the best part of a day. You and your co-workers will hear from key figures relating to Workplace Bullying, understand what is considered Workplace Bullying & learn what an impact it can make on a victim’s life. You will leave our HQ with a much developed knowledge on Workplace Bullying, hopefully then enforcing it from there on. A member of our staff will check in with you regularly after the session to see how you are implementing your new knowledge & to see how the training is benefiting the company & employees.

Furthermore, we want to highlight the companies who are showing initiative & are determined to help us make change. That’s why we’re proud to display every company who undertakes our training on our Website as a ‘Partner’, as well as on our Social Media & in our News section. You will also receive a free goodie bag after the training, as well as a ‘Support Against Workplace Bullying Partner’ logo to advertise on your Website & Social Media.