“I never expected to end up suffering with mental health issues because I worked for a mental health charity.”

Miss C

“____ took all my confidence away and questioned the person I am. When I told a senior member of staff that I felt bullied I was offered counselling instead of the alleged bullying issue being dealt with directly. Working at ____ also had a massive impact on my family; at one point I seriously thought my long-term relationship with my partner was over because of all the stress at work.”

Miss H

“___ is very good at appearing to be a forward-thinking organisation through its campaigns and relationship with Welsh Government, however, when you scratch beneath its surface it is probably the worst national organisation in Wales.”


“I left my job at _____ because I felt it was a matter of time before I was pushed. I’ve never worked for a place with such little understanding of how to manage its staff. I heard so many stories of how people were pushed out, treated so unfairly. I had a few small disagreements about my role and the total disregard for my opinion and inappropriate reactions by management made working there miserable. I had no apologies and no respect. I find it amazing that a mental health charity acted in the way they did towards us as employees: controlling, disrespectful, a culture of fear. I would never go back there, it’s such a shame when we had a real opportunity to improve things. It was only their ill-thought obstruction that prevented that, ultimately letting down their clients.”

Miss L

“I worked for the Public Sector and was bullied by Senior staff that included being shouted at, not adhering to their H R policies and the bullies were promoted.”


“My health deteriorated due to being bullied at work for a large organisation that has left me taking medication for life, the impact on my family life was immense.”



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